Plenser Limited (Plant Engineering Services) was founded in January 1997 and registered as a partnership business with two directors with an objective of providing plant engineering services particularly boilers and steam systems to the industrial and commercial sectors of the economy mainly targeting major hospitals and manufacturing concerns.

In March 2001, Plenser Enterprises was incorporated as a private limited company and became Plenser Limited.

Following the formation of the National Construction Authority (NCA) through an act of parliament in the year 2011, Plenser Limited applied for registration and prequalification by the agency, and was successfully approved by the NCA in the Buildings and Construction, Roads upgrading and boiler and waste incinerators categories.

The company has also negotiated with Todaysure Mathews (UK), the manufacturers of Surefire waste incinerators for sole agency in Africa, and manufacturing under license of smaller Surefire brands at the newly acquired premises along North Airport Road. This is in addition to the current manufacturing component of various types of fabricated steel products, usually manufactured tailored to individual customer needs, as described in chapter 2 of this profile. We also are seeking to fully engage in the road upgrading business latter in the course of 2013.