When global travel company Satguru Travel and Tours Services launched its business in Kenya in 2005, it began with a capital of just Sh3 million

Today, the international car and travel agency has joined Kenya’s Club 101, having achieved an annual turnover of more than Sh1 billion, thanks to a business model that concentrates on taking the hassle out of travel.

In this, the decision to include plane packages in its travel services has been key in penetrating Kenya’s crowded tourism services industry, said East Africa regional manager Harish Samtani.

From its launch, the company moved quickly to work with Kenya Airways and other airlines in the region in organising smooth connections for customers flying to other destinations.

“The main urge of the founder of Satguru, Mr Chandirani, was to create organised travel services beyond customers’ satisfaction. That has been the model applied across its branches in the more than 140 countries where Satguru is now represented,” he said.

If an international passenger wants to go on holiday to the Masai Mara Game Reserve, the company organises the logistics involved from the time they arrive at the airport, until they leave the country.

Its car services in Mombasa and Nairobi are also available for hire and rentals,and are handled by 50 employees.

“Satguru has managed to expand rapidly because the company believes in highly talented and proficient professionals in Kenya,” said Mr Samtani.

Globally, the company has 1,600 employees and manages 14 airline’s general sales agents in 30 locations, with its subsidiary Euro World now the leading airline representation group across South, Central and West Africa. It also has a number of business airline partners, among them Kenya Airways.