The chief executive of the company, Mr. Davies Kinyanjui Nderu, is in charge of the daily operations of the business assisted by a team of senior managers as illustrated on the attached organisational chart.

The core business of the company is tourism and hospitality related as the company runs an ever browing hotel in Nakuru. The business opportunity in the sector of hospitality, in which the company is involved in, has continued to grow. This has been on the national level but the effects can be felt in the regional level.

The hotel currently boasts of 120 rooms with a bed capacity of 180 pax which are currently in operation and are charged at an average of Ksh. 5,000.00 per person on bed and breakfast and enjoys an average of 80% occupancy throughout the year but the company is in the process of increasing the rooms to 120 rooms with a bed capacity of 220 pax.

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