Participation is easy and free of charge. If your company qualifies on all of the above, then you are eligible to participate in the survey by following these steps:

  1. Register your interest to participate
    a. Online –
    b. By email –
    c. By phone – Lorna Wanja, +254 (0) 20 280 6000
    The research company will then contact you with detailed instructions and the questionnaires.
  2. Fill, sign and submit the two questionnaires: one on the general information about the company to be filled in
    by the Managing Director/Director/CEO, and one on the company financials to be filled-in by the CFO or Accounts Manager. One of our interviewers will personally visit your offices to aid you with the completion of the financial questionnaires.
  3. In addition, we will request your company to obtain a certificate in the following format, signed by your company’s auditors:
    “We, the auditors of XYZ Company, confirm that the ratios submitted by XYZ company on the Top100 Mid Sized companies Survey Financial Questionnaire, a copy of which is attached hereto, have been computed in line with the formulae stipulated on the questionnaire, and using figures from the audited accounts for the financial years ended (month) 2014, (month) 2015 and (month) 2016.”