How we select the Top100

In order to qualify for the Top100 Mid-Sized Companies, a company must meet the following criteria:

  • Turnover in the range of Kshs 50 million to Kshs 1 billion
  • Audited accounts for the financial years ending in 2015, 2016 and 2017
  • Not listed on a stock exchange
  • Not a bank, insurance company, law firm or accounting/auditing firm

The Top100 Mid-Sized Companies are selected from all participating companies on the basis of their revenue growth over the past three years, profits, liquidity and other measures of financial solidity.

How to Participate

Participation is easy and free of charge. If your company meets the minimum threshold

  1. Express your interest to participate in the Top 100 survey:
    a. By email –
    b. By phone – Lorna Wanja, +254 (0) 20 280 6000
    The research company will then contact you with detailed instructions and the questionnaires.
  2. Fill, sign and submit the two questionnaires:
    a. Click here for the General Questionnaire which entails general information about the company to be filled in by the Managing Director/Director/CEO.
    b. Click here for the Financial Questionnaire to be filled by the CFO/Accounts Manager.

    Once filled, submit the two questionnaires to

    Should you experience challenges when filling the questionnaires, please reach out to us at and one of our interviewers will personally visit your offices to aid you with the completion of the questionnaires.

  3. In addition, we will request your company to obtain a certificate in the following format, signed by your company’s auditors:
    “We, the auditors of XYZ Company, confirm that the ratios submitted by XYZ company on the Top100 Mid Sized companies Survey Financial Questionnaire, a copy of which is attached hereto, have been computed in line with the formulae stipulated on the questionnaire, and using figures from the audited accounts for the financial years ended (month) 2015, (month) 2016 and (month) 2017.”

Submission Deadline – 29th October 2018


We understand that participating in the survey requires you to submit sensitive information. None of the confidential information you submit about your company will be shared or published.

KPMG undertakes to treat all the information provided by your company confidentially and will not disclose the information provided to any unauthorised persons. KPMG may however share names and contacts of participants with sponsors for the purpose of discussing products and programs that would benefit a mid-sized company and for any other purpose that will aid the growth of the Top100 initiative.

There are only two parties who will have access to the information you submit: KPMG and the Top100 survey partner(research company). Both parties are bound by strict privacy laws and tight ethical guidelines for their industries. After completion of the survey and all reports, the research company will destroy all their records of the survey and only KPMG will retain your information to be able to invite you for future events and future editions of the Top100 Mid-Sized Companies Survey.

All other stakeholders in this survey (including yourself) will receive a high level report. This report will NOT make reference to a specific company. Shared or published information may include averages, medians and extreme values of growth rates, employment, productivity levels or similar measures.

Should you have further questions about privacy or confidentiality, please do not hesitate to contact