The World Bank is currently supporting the Ministry of Industry, Trade & Cooperatives in the design of the Kenya Industry & Entrepreneurship Project, which seeks to address a few of the key bottlenecks constraining the growth of the private sector in Kenya, and particularly that of industry.

One of the objectives or components of the Project will be to increase the productivity of small and medium sized enterprises by providing them with Business Development Services (BDS) i.e. business advice, trainings and technology upgrading. To inform the design of this component, we are surveying firms to assess their awareness, use and perception of BDS in Kenya. The surveyed firms will be invited to apply for support under the Project, which will be implemented through a two tier mechanism:

  • Free Diagnostic: Firms surveyed will be provided with a free business diagnostic toolkit, which will provide actionable recommendations and constitute the basis for an ‘upgrading’ project, identifying the areas of the firm in need of improvement.
  • Upgrading project support (focused on managerial, production and technological upgrading): Based on the recommendations made by the diagnostic, firms will be encouraged to participate in a matching grant scheme to partially finance upgrading managerial, production and technological capabilities- including training, purchase of equipment or improvement of management and production systems. In addition, firms will be matched with relevant BDS providers to support the implementation of the upgrading project.

The workshop will comprise of a presentation of the Project, a brief survey and a focused group discussion. There will be two workshops, which will take place on May 5th (Friday) at the World Bank office in Nairobi, Kenya. We will confirm the time shortly. In the meantime, please RSVP and direct your queries to Rajkumar Singh