The Nation Media Group hereby cordially invites you to attend The Nation Leadership Forum. The Group has leveraged on its global, continental, regional and local strengths to establish this event, which will act as a platform to spotlight issues affecting Kenyans. This will be through provoking international, regional and local discussions, shaping opinions and policy directions critical to the development and growth of Kenya.

Currently, Kenya is facing one of the worst droughts and famines in recent times, with a high proportion of the population having no access to food and water in the right amounts and quality. The inaugural forum, is scheduled for Monday, 3rd April 2017 and will bring senior decision makers together to discuss food security and water. The theme of the event will be “Hungry and Thirsty? What are Kenya’s options?”

This interactive forum will feature a diverse panel of five, who will represent a broad range of expertise and interests in this topic and a host who will field questions from the audience and digital platforms. As a key player in this sector, we would be honoured by your presence and contribution at this first ever high profile, high impact forum, which will be aired live and featured across all our platforms on broadcasting, print and digital.

Attached please find the invitation card. If you would like to confirm your presence or require any further information, kindly contact Naomy Ikenye at or 0203288251, 0719-038251, 0732-038251.