KNCCI is pleased to to inform you that the Botswana Consumer Fair will be held between 21st-27th August 2017 at Fairground holdings under the theme “Is is more than just shopping” Thr fair is currently being organized by Fairground holdings, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Botswana.

Key objectives of the Fair include:

  • Create an interactive face-to-face platform between exhibitors and consumers. This will allow exhibitors to promote their products and demonstrate product functionality and benefits. More than 60,000 participants are expected to be in attendance.
  • The fair will be provide a huge opportunity for exhibitors to display and sell products off the stand.

For more information on how to participate, kindly contact penah on |

More details about the fair can be accessed through

Tel: 020-392 7000
Mob: 0725-310249