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Welcome to the second edition of the Mid-Sized Markets e-Newsletter. The purpose of this newsletter is to cover the key activities in the Mid-size Market and calendar of events taking place across East Africa. The Newsletter hopes to cover sector specific news, features, stories etc. The newsletter is to be used to promote thought leadership, serve as a knowledge base with a view to opening up the pool of knowledge to all companies.

We hope to cover news about the current business environment, the economic environment and how it will impact business, the regulatory authorities and what is being done to create a conducive environment, issues around counties and the way devolution will impact business etc.

If you have received any awards lately, have company photos, have launched new products/services recently, please let us know so that we can cover this in our newsletter.

Robert Onyango
Project Director, EA Top 100
That will Never Work In the forthcoming issues, I would like to introduce "That Will Never Work" - a new section in which we would like you to tell your story of adversity, perseverance and innovation, especially when you hit a roadblock, were told no, not possible or It Will Never Work

Congratulations to the 2014 Winners


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Lean Energy Solutions
East African Canvas Limited
Digital City Ltd
Plenser Ltd.
Allwin Agencies (K) Ltd
Propack Kenya Ltd
Vivek Investments Ltd
Powerpoint Systems (EA) Ltd
Coninx Industries Ltd.
Synermedica Pharmaceuticals Limited

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Sage Pastel
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