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Top 100 gave us the wings, looking forward to the next year

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Dear Readers,
Welcome to first edition of the 2017 Top100 e-Newsletter. The purpose of this newsletter is to cover the key activities in the Top100 market and calendar of events taking place across East Africa.

With the help of this newsletter we hope to keep you updated with what is happening in the SME world.

The Newsletter hopes to cover sector specific regional news, features, stories and events. The newsletter is to be used to promote thought leadership, serve as a knowledge base with a view to opening up the pool of knowledge to all companies.

If you have received any awards lately, have company photos, have launched new products/services recently, please let us know so that we can cover this in our future newsletter.

Top100 secretariat

Thought leadership
3-Minute Insight #6: Do You Handle or Mishandle Customers?

Did you know?

The Top100 founders have been in the process of launching an online platform for the Top100 winners.

Through this process, we celebrate these companies and showcase business excellence.

The Top100 marketplace is an exclusive interactive online networking platform that give the winners an opportunity to network, have business to business interactions and share insights knowledge and forums.

What would you like to see on the marketplace platform as a Top100 winner?


Top 100 past events
Botswana is endowed with investment opportunities
On September 30, 2016, Botswana celebrated her Golden Jubilee. With all the pomp and flair...
Jordan Week (Meet Jordan Exhibition)
Jordan Week (Meet Jordan Exhibition) will be held at the KICC, Nairobi from 13 – 17 December, with Jordan exploring...
Tax Audit And Investigation : Presentation To 100 Medium Sized Entrepreneurs
Director Taxpayer Services and Education...
KNCCI USA Visit 2017
On March 10, 2017, This proposal is for FUSIONWRX (a Flottman Company) to host an estimated 30 attendees from the Kenyan Chamber Enterprise Club and Kenyan National Chamber of Commerce...
Corporate Governance (CG) Program Launch Breakfast Meeting
On February 20, 2017, The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KNCCI) in partnership with the International Finance...
Invitation to the Launch of Learn, Network, Grow (L.N.G) a partnership between Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Capital Group Ltd.
On February 9, 2017
That will never work- from the first million to the next
How Thika textile firm overcame labour unrest to weave way into Top 100 success

A workers’ strike at Thika Cloth Mills (TCM) 17 years ago gave Tejal Dodhia, managing director of the company, the fighting spirit she has used to keep the firm’s doors open and mills running for years... Read More

Knowledge centre
Doing Business sheds light on how easy or difficult it is for a local entrepreneur to open and run a small to medium-size business when complying with relevant regulations.

It measures and tracks changes in regulations affecting 11 areas in the life cycle of a business: starting a business...

Trade Competitiveness Diagnostic Toolkit

This toolkit provides a framework, guidelines, and practical tools for conducting an analysis of a country's trade competitiveness in terms of growth and share performance, diversification, and quality. It aims to facilitate the identification of the main constraints to improved trade competitiveness and the policy responses to overcome these constraints...

Keep track of product requirements in foreign markets

Governments establish product requirements to achieve policy objectives such as the protection of human health or the environment. The WTO SPS and TBT Agreements try to ensure that these requirements do not create unnecessary obstacles to international trade. WTO Members are required to notify other Members before adopting new measures if these are likely to affect international trade and provide an opportunity for comments. ePing enables timely access to these notifications and facilitates dialogue amongst the public and private sector in addressing potential trade problems at an early stage.

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