Every time you send out a notification about a job opening, applications will pour in. You will scan through them and pick out only a blessed few. The rest will be dumped.

In the future when you need to hire again, don’t send out notifications immediately! Go back to the rejected pile and scan through it again. Also, once you finish recruiting and you still have a position or two left, scan through the rejected candidates. You may wonder why you should actually bother doing that. Here are three reasons, straight from the experts, for you:

Experience is not as important as you think

Out of the rejected candidates there are surely many freshers. Why do you give so much important to experienced people? Is experience everything? If a person is experienced, does it guarantee that he will do the job well? For all we know, he could have been kicked out of his previous job for being incompetent. He definitely won’t confess that in front of you and you won’t discover his incompetence through a single interview.

In fact, you will be baffled to know that in a study, working experience barely accounted to much. It is the knowledge of the candidate that you should base your call on and not his experience.

Remember that trying someone new who you think is competent can turn things in your favor significantly. A new employee will be robust and eager to learn and grow. Having such an employee is a definite asset!

If he is a Great Employee, it is NOT mandatory that he will be a Good Boss

Some employees are happy being employees without the responsibility of leading a team. It so happens in some places that a good employee is made to lead a team and he fails to deliver. As a result, he is fired. That is extremely unfair.

A recent study showed that when good employees were allowed to remain employees, they lasted thrice as long.

Of course there are a few employees that will make great bosses. Monitor your employees and only choose such an employee who portrays the skill of leading. If you spend more time with your employees, you will easily be able to find such employees.

Trust your Employees’ Choices

If any of your current employees has recommended someone to you or someone has come to you through your employee, interview him carefully. He might be the right one for you!

The same study as aforementioned revealed that candidates recommended by employees had more potential to do well and also last longer! Also friendly connections make the office a better place to work. When employees are happy, they will surely deliver.

Thus, if you have rejected someone like this, go back to your reject pile, and call him for a second round of interview.

Hiring can be tiring and going back to the reject pile can be annoying. But know that you may have dumped a great candidate in the pile. You will directly or indirectly regret it later on!
Entrepreneurial Learning

While hiring, don’t disregard candidates very easily. If you have, go back to your rejected pile and flip through all the candidates. Go back to the freshers and those recommended by your employees. You may find great employees by doing this.

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