The world is filled with competitors in every corner and in every field. It is a very difficult task to stand apart from the other people in the global market. Routine and basic products cannot survive in the market for long. Products which are unique and different from the ones available in the market will survive for long. It is very crucial that you market your point of difference, talk about the unique features of your products that will interest your customers. In order to do so you must be well versed with marketing strategies, marketing concepts apart from having good marketing ideas and marketing skills.

Q. Don’t you know how to market your point of difference?
Here are some tips from Kuza Biashara, on how to market your point of difference:
Design your marketing strategy

Before marketing your point of difference, it is necessary that you plan your marketing strategy beforehand. Think of something different. It should be unique when compared to your competitors. Consider different ways to send the message across to your customers. Marketing your message in a different way will also attract your customers.

Design unique products

It may not be an easy job to design unique products. But once you design them, it can bring you more business. Using a different marketing strategy isn’t enough, designing your products differently matters the most.


Market your features if they are unique compared to the other products available. Put it in a way which is easy to understand and easily grasped by your customers. If you are using print ads such as newspapers or internet, highlight the unique features of the products. Write it in bold and in a different style of writing. Compare your features with the other products and let people know how your products can benefit them. Features of your products should make people buy them.

Cost of your products

Cost has a major role to play in marketing your point of difference. Good products get sold, but the cost of the good products affects its sale. If the cost of your products is less, market the cost as a very big point of difference. Talk about how your product is very good, yet costs lesser. It is good to price your products low as it can be affordable by all classes of people. You will need to understand the basics of marketing concepts to consider these factors.

Quote your customers

Making advertisements and running them across various mediums is normal, but when you add the quotes of your customers, it’s something different. Writing a piece of note about your product may appear like a one sided talk to your customers. It’s good to quote your customers, as this will help them believe in your products. It builds the trust and confidence in your brand.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Marketing is common to any business, but marketing your point of difference is the most crucial ingredient for success. It’s always good to be unique and think out of the box. “The only thing that is constant in this world is Change”. Remember to tell the world that you are different, what you have is not present elsewhere. Also it’s not just enough to have something different, the way you send out the message has equal role to play. Punchy and powerful statements are required to boost the image and sales of your products. So, plan in advance to market your point of difference.

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