The only information your company needs to submit is an extract of the signed audited accounts for purposes of computing the ratios requested on the Financial Questionnaire, and the range within which your company’s turnover falls.

If your company makes it to the Top 100 List, then KPMG reserves the right to request your company to obtain a certificate in the following format, signed by your company’s auditors:-

“We, the auditors of XYZ Company, confirm that the ratios submitted by XYZ company on the Top 100 Mid Sized companies Survey Financial Questionnaire, a copy of which is attached hereto, have been computed in line with the formulae stipulated on the questionnaire, and using figures from the audited accounts for the financial years ended (month) 2010, (month), 2011and (month) 2012.”

All completed questionnaires will be reviewed and analysed by KPMG, assisted by Ipsos Synovate. KPMG will then prepare a detailed Survey report.

No questionnaires will be reviewed and analysed by the Nation Media Group. NMG journalists may however seek to interview the Top 100 companies and this will be after the Award Dinner and Conference/Exhibition. Such interviews will be separate from the Survey.

A special supplement will be published in the Local Publication after the Gala dinner. The information that will be published in the supplement will be as follows:-

  • All Award Winners
  • The Top 100 list
  • Brief one paragraph profiles of the Top 100
  • In-depth interviews of the Top 20
  • Rankings for all 8 financial parameters for the top 10 in each industry.

Key trends and insights emerging from the Survey including but not limited to the following:-

  • Comparisons of revenue growth rate, ROE, and other parameters from industry to industry
  • Industry spread of survey respondents
  • Aggregate number of employees of all survey respondents
KPMG will avail one copy each of the full Survey report to all industry associations that support the Survey. The copy will be made available at a fee.
Advertise the Survey in the industry journal, industry website and on emails to members. Endorse the survey and encourage members to take part.

No. Participation is completely free.
Exhibition booths at the Top 100 conference are reserved for companies that make it to the Top 100 as well as corporate that Sponsor the survey in order to serve the Top 100 companies. However different forums can be organized, once it is mutually agreed by the parties, top 100 companies may be able to exhibit their products and services.
Any company that makes it to the Top 100 list can make reference to the award in its marketing /promotional material. All top 100 companies will be given a top 100 club logo for that particular year.