Nation Media Top 100 Article The Top 100 Mid-Sized companies’ initiative has over the past 8 years, awarded and celebrated enterprise through this survey that is a partnership between KPMG and the Nation Media Group.

Over the years, the Top 100 Mid-Sized companies have enjoyed the benefits of association with the big corporations as credible business partners.

Many of the past winners of this survey have gained invaluable traction in the market that have not only opened new doors for growth but also made it easier to deal with the authorities and form partnerships.

Some have, for instance, had financial institutions approach them with offers of partnerships they could not imagine were possible before their participation in the survey and their dealings with the tax authorities have become less tedious.

This year, Top 100 Mid-Sized companies reached out to entrepreneurs in Nakuru, Kisumu, Mombasa, Thika and Nairobi. The survey continues to grow in the region with a strong presence in Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda.

Most important, there has been a rise in the number and quality of entries and each competing enterprise has demonstrated a remarkable degree of excellence, innovation and success.

SMEs are and will remain a critical part of the East African economy. They will continue to make a tremendous contribution to industrialisation through innovation and job creation. This contribution is significant to the overall performance of the Kenyan economy which stands among the fastest growing in the world.

As in many other places around the world, financing remains one of the biggest challenges that the SMEs face. The operating environment is also stymied by difficult economic environment and a demanding consumer all which require a sizable amount of persistence, tact and constant innovation to man oeuvre.

Some of the challenges are, however, within the grasp of the SMEs and can be dealt with internally. For example, hiring the right person for the job, using technology, opening up the business to dynamic business platforms such as mobile money, use of research and ensuring business presence is felt in communities they serve.

The Nation Media Group’s support of the TOP 100 Mid-Sized companies survey is hinged on our belief in the important role it plays in helping SMEs to formalize their processes, pay taxes and create credible structures that enable them to grow to next level.

It is a bench marking competition that every entrepreneur with her eyes on growth should participate in.

Nation Media Group and KPMG continue to celebrate the success of exceptional men and women, who have taken the risk of venturing into private business and have impacted not just their own lives but also the lives of those they employ and offer opportunity to prosper every day.

The Nation Media Group is committed to providing media platforms where entrepreneurs can gain business insights, grow capacity and leverage opportunities to grow from small to medium and ultimately become big multi-nationals. From our traditional to digital platforms, we will continue to walk with you in your journey to greatness.