Finance minister Maria Kiwanuku congratulates Mr. Deepak Doiphode, the general manager of Roofclad upon graduating to club 101. Second right is Vice President Edward Ssekandi.

Roofclad Ltd was among the companies that graduated to the Top 101 Club of Uganda’s fastest growing companies. Q&A with Mr. Deepak Doiphode, the general manager.

How would you describe Roofclad Ltd?

Having been incorporated in 1986, Roofclad Ltd, a subsidiary of the Alam Group of Companies, is one of the leading wire product manufactures in Uganda and East African region. All our products are easily recognizable because they our famous brand, the “BULLDOG”.

What products do you offer?

Roofclad started with manufacturing wire nails and subsequently expanded to include other wire products such as barbed wire, chain link fencing, BRCs, welded wire mesh, binding wire, MS round bars and galvanized wire. Because of the ever increasing demand of our products, several outlets have been setup in various towns countywide to enable customers have easy access to products.

Roofclad also exports to neighboring countries such as Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.

Where is the main source of your raw materials?

We import raw materials from renowned steel producing countries such as South Africa, Turkey, India and China because their raw materials are internationally recognized and since we deal directly with manufacturers, we are assured of better quality materials at affordable prices and timely delivery. This increases our productivity as well as maximizing profits.

You graduated from the Top 100 Mid-sized companies to club 101, what do you attribute this success to?

Our graduation to club 101 is attributed to hard work exhibited by our skilled labour force, which has led to improved quality products. Also, opening up new markets as well as increased exports, which has enabled us surpass the Shs25b mark.

How do you ensure consistence in production of high quality products?

Roofclad products are of high quality and are certified under the Uganda National Bureau of Standards “S” mark scheme. Roofclad is also ISO 9001-2008 certified. We make sure that we keep innovating and improving on our quality standards.

What does the graduation mean to the company?

The fact that we graduated to club 101 means that we should work harder so that we keep growing. To achieve this, we intend to increase our products range, set up a new plant to produce hollow section products, angle lines and expanded metal mesh.

We shall also add more nail making machines considering the current demand.