About 2022 Competition

After two years of extraordinary disruption occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic and with the world ready to move forward, the Kenya Top100 Mid-Sized Companies Survey recognizes that SMEs will play a catalytic role in Kenya’s sustainable economic recovery. Considering this, the 2022 survey will examine participating companies’ resilience amidst these disruptions and their ability to innovate, leverage on technology, and conduct their businesses sustainably.

Terms of the survey

For your company to be considered for the Top100 Medium-Sized Companies Survey, you are required to respond to the general questionnaire as well as the financial questionnaire.

How we select Top100

In order to qualify for the Top100 Mid-Sized Companies, a company  must meet the following criteria:

  1. Should have a four-year average turnover of KShs 50 million to KShs 1bilion. The years under review in this survey will be 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.
  2. If a company has participated in the Top100 competition before and has had a turnover of KShs.1 billion in any of the years in review, they are eligible for consideration to join Club101. Please note that a company should not participate if they have been recognised as a Club 101 company before.
  3. Should have four year audited financial records.
  4. Should not be listed in the Nairobi Securities Exchange.
  5. Banks, professional services firms (such as law, accounting and audit firms), SACCOS, and insurance companies are excluded from participation.

The Top100 Mid-Sized Companies are selected from all participating companies on the basis of their revenue growth over the past three years, profits, liquidity and other measures of financial solidity.

Benefits to Winners

Top100 winners will further enjoy the following:

  1. Gala Dinner – An exclusive invitation to the Top100 Mid-Sized Companies Award Black Tie Gala Dinner. This event is a unique networking opportunity and is covered widely in the press. You will personally be called onto the stage to receive your award..
  2. Top100 Club ;  Your company will be able to use the Kenya Top100 Mid-Sized Companies Club 2019 Logo in letterheads, branding, collateral and outreach. Past participants have overwhelmingly confirmed that this logo does attract business.
  3. Company brand profiling
    – The profiles of the winners will feature in a special supplement of the Business Daily.
    – Recognition of your company as a 2022 winner on the East Africa Top100 website.

    – Plaque/trophy and certificate acknowledging your firm.

Benefits for all participants

Even if you do not make it to the list of Top100 Mid-Sized Companies, it is worthwhile to participate in the survey. Benefits for all participating companies that meet the qualification criteria include the following:
  1. You will receive an industry specific report that provides market metrics and benchmarks for key performance Indicators for Mid-Sized Companies and for your sector, as well as feedback on your company’s performance..
  2. You will be invited to the exclusive Top100 Mid-Sized Companies Conference. This is a unique opportunity to network with your peers.
  3. You will be invited to various networking forums for leaders of Kenya’s Mid-Sized Companies organized by KPMG / NMG and Top100 Mid- Sized Companies sponsors.


We understand that participating in the survey requires you to submit sensitive information. None of the confidential information you submit about your company will be shared or published. KPMG undertakes to treat all the information provided by your company confidentially and will not disclose the information provided to any unauthorised persons. KPMG may however share names and contacts of participants with sponsors for the purpose of discussing products and programs that would benefit a midsized company and for any other purpose that will aid the growth of the Top100 initiative. All other stakeholders in this survey (including yourself) will receive a high level report. This report will NOT make reference to a specific company. Shared or published information may include averages, medians and extreme values of growth rates, employment, productivity levels or similar measures. Should you have further questions about privacy or confidentiality, please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat at: Kenya100@kpmg.co.ke

Survey Catergories

Applications for the 2022 survey have closed.



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